Let the world change you... and you can change the world

This Week In Idiot Nation

On those rare occasions when Tiger Woods fails to make the cut at a major golf tournament, do you see headlines proclaiming that Woods really isn’t a very good golfer at all, and the idea that he is one of the best to ever play the game is just one big conspiracy?  Of course not.  Everyone realizes that when he plays poorly that’s the exception to the rule — because the overwhelming evidence over the years is that he is indeed one of the best golfers ever.  This seems oh so painfully straight forward.

But then we have this week’s snow storm that blanketed much of the U.S. with record snowfall — another obvious exception to the rule — and yet the flat-earthers are screaming about how this disproves the theory of global warming.  This is so patently absurd at face value — and yet our esteemed news media are reporting this with all seriousness.  And they wonder why their business model is falling apart?  Why aren’t these flat-earthers being mocked in the headlines as the morons they are?

And what makes this even more absurd is that this is just more evidence of ultimately what global warming is all about. “Global warming” is just the symptom — the end result is “climate change”.  And record snow is a perfect example of this — record warm temperatures one month followed by record snow the next month.  That’s what I would call pretty extreme “climate change”.  In fact, where is all the reporting of what is going on right now in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics?  A place that normally has huge amounts of snow has no snow at all!  Here again, another example of “climate change” in the extreme.

So the real story here is that current weather news is just continuing to confirm everything we know about global warming and climate change.  But instead, the news headlines are dominated by the flat-earthers.

Oh well, just another week in Idiot Nation.