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Good News and Bad News

At long last we finally have some type of health care reform.  And that’s both good news and bad news.  Good news in that at least something has been done.  But bad news in that this was a very bad piece of legislation and really does very little to address the real problem, which is a terribly broken privatized system.  As the rest of the developed world has known for a long time, the only way to provide decent health care to all citizens is through some type of public option.  And ultimately that’s where we have to end up.  Private insurance companies make their profits by NOT providing health care.  Every time they pay a claim, that cuts in to their profits, so clearly that’s something they want to avoid doing.  What could be more obvious than that?

So the real question is where do we go from here?  Will this work as a starting point to begin introducing true regulation of the insurance industry, and will it ultimately evolve in to a system with a public option?  Or will the issue now fade from the national agenda, so that nothing really changes and we become a nation where only the very wealthy can afford any kind of decent health care?

Last Friday on “Real Time With Bill Maher” Dennis Kucinich gave a great summary of where we stand on true reform.  I was glad to see Kucinich finally come around in the end to voting for the bill, as I agreed 100% with everything he had said in opposition to the bill, and yet I also agreed with everyone who said that something had to be passed regardless of how bad it was, just to get the ball rolling.

Kucinich’s remarks on privatization are right on target.  You know, it’s a shame Dennis isn’t more “charismatic”, or whatever it is that is required these days for one to be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate, as it’s his type of compassion and intelligence that are so desperately needed in the White House if this country is ever going to become the great nation it used to be.