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Here We Go Again

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Obama administration responds to the unfolding oil spill disaster in the Gulf.  This is Katrina all over again, but this time there is absolutely no doubt that the tragedy is man-made and could absolutely have been avoided.  BP America is 100% at fault here, as guilty as it gets.  Not only should they be paying for every single dime that it costs to contain and repair the damage done, they should also be held responsible for reimbursing every single American who will end up being financially impacted by the disaster.  If this bankrupts BP, so be it.  They have it coming.  And let’s not let the lawyers get involved here.  If there’s the slightest hesitancy on BP’s part to pony up to every last fisherman and small businessman affected, then the government should not hesitate to seize every asset of BP America and use those assets to make right by everyone who ends up harmed by the spill.  And if that’s still not enough, go after the rest of the oil industry.  They are all culpable here, lying and misleading the American public about the risks involved in offshore drilling, and doing everything they can to minimize their costs (and thus maximize their profits).

In fact, this is the Wall Street fiasco all over again as well, with bankers making incredibly risky bets in order to maximize their profits, knowing all along that if the risky bets failed, the financial burden wouldn’t fall on them.  It’s the same thing with the oil companies — to hell with what might happen if something goes wrong, not their problem.  Just maximize the profits, and if hundreds of thousands of innocent people have their lives ruined in the process, well it’s no skin off their backs.

You have to wonder if maybe this will be the lesson where it gets through the thick skull of the average American that big corporations are not their friends?  That these corporations have no respect for the average American, and that is exactly why you need a strong government with strong regulation in place in order to keep the monsters from continually wrecking the lives of We The People.  For the past 30 years or more, corporations have been running the government and running all over the rights and lives of Americans.  It’s high time to take the country back and put these corporate monsters under strict laws and regulations so that disasters like the banking crisis and now this oil spill never happen again.