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Kicking People When They Are Down — Only In America

It’s hard to come up with words to describe this latest Republican attack on the unemployed. Here we are, supposedly the greatest, wealthiest nation in the world — and yet when we hit hard times, the worst recession the country has seen in 70+ years, we refuse to help those unfortunate people who have been hit the hardest? This goes way beyond the hypocrisy of calling ourselves a “Christian Nation” — this hits at the total lack of compassion for fellow Americans that so dominates the Republican Party these days. This is the party that brags about being the party of the “haves and have-mores”, the party that caters to a “base” composed of the ultra-wealthy. If anyone can afford to help the down-trodden, these people can. And yet they refuse. Why? What do they fear from the poor and the needy? Do they sleep better at night knowing that so many people in this country are suffering? Are they that sick?

And it’s not just unemployment benefits — it’s the whole opposition to every plan the Obama administration comes up with as a way out of the recession. What exactly is the strategy here? I keep reading that the basic plan is to block all the various stimulus plans in order to insure that the economy is still in bad shape for the mid-term elections, and thus use this as a political weapon against the Democrats. But if that’s the case, what’s the plan after November? What is their plan for economic recovery? They don’t have one! The strategy seems to be let’s keep the economy in dire straits, so we can get elected, so we can continue to keep the economy in dire straits. You would think the American people would see through that, wouldn’t you? Yes, you can fault the Obama administration and the Democrats in general for not doing enough to combat Republican obstructionism — but how does voting for the obstructionists solve any of this? It just makes matters worse! Isn’t a better answer to elect even more Democrats, and send a message to the administration that we don’t want bi-partisanship when the other side has no interest in fixing things?