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Rampant Republican Racism

This whole “mosque on the hallowed 9/11 ground” controversy is total bullshit, and yet another example of how the media gets played by the right-wing and how the Democrats are so spineless in responding to these extremists.  For starters, it’s not “at” ground zero, it’s two blocks away.  I live in a heighborhood that is two blocks away from a shopping center, but if I told someone I live at a shopping center they would think I’m crazy.  Two blocks is a long way, particularly in New York City.  It might as well be at the other end of Manhattan.  And the idea that this is a “freedom of religion” issue is a crock as well.  It’s a community center foremost, and it’s in accordance with all local laws and ordinances.  Religion has nothing to do with this.

No, this is all about racist attitudes towards non-whites, Muslims in this case.  This is the same old racism that has been part and parcel of the Republican party ever since the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964.  Back then it was hatred toward African-Americans.  Then over the last ten years that racism has expanded to include Hispanics.  And now it’s being directed at Muslims.  The Republican Party is the party of racism, period.  If you vote Republican, you are implicitly endorsing racism, and are therefore a racist.  It’s that simple.

Why the media doesn’t call out these people for what they are is downright disgraceful.  And why the Democrats aren’t making this a major issue just shows you how spineless they are.