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Why Do So Many Americans Hate Democracy?

This is a righteous rant by Matt Taibbi on the anti-union sentiment that is so pervasive these days, a phenomenon that has never made any sense to me at all. When I grew up the “Average Joe”, the typical middle-class American, was what made this country so great. America had a huge, thriving middle class, and the union movement played a very important part in how that great middle class came about. But somehow, unions don’t have near the power they once had, and in my experience even most middle-class people scorn them. Don’t these people understand that unions are all about democracy in the work place? Certainly they think democracy is a good thing, no? Then why do they get upset when unions try to see that workers’ rights are protected in the workplace in the same way their rights as citizens are protected outside the workplace? If we truly live in a democracy — yeah, I know, one huge IF — then shouldn’t the average, middle-class American have democracy at their place of work? It’s the exact same issue with people getting so bent out of shape when someone mentions “socialism”. Socialism is simply democracy applied to the economic system. Isn’t that a good thing also? I just don’t get it — people will go all red-white-and-blue ballistic on you about how much they love democracy, and yet you try to give them democracy in the form of unions or “socialized” health care, and they don’t want any part of democracy.