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Idiot Nation Goes To The Polls

With the Nov. 5 elections rapidly approaching, Dave Johnson has come up with a handy list of facts that you would like to think every voter would know, but which I seriously doubt that anything other than a very small minority really know.  Now I’ll be the first to admit that some of these issues do require some understanding of basic economics, maybe even some “advanced” economics — like whether or not the Obama stimulus actually worked, and what policies do in fact boost the economy and which don’t.  But several items on the list should be absolute no-brainers.  Like the fact that Obama has cut taxes, not raised them.  Yet only 12% of Americans actually know this, and in fact 24% actually think he has raised taxes.  Indeed, amongst the “Tea Party” adherents, an incredible 44% thought that taxes had gone up under Obama.  Now you would think that in a society where greed is the defining characteristic and taxes are the number one enemy, when a President cuts taxes he would be hailed as a hero and everyone would be aware of this fact.  But sadly no, for this is after all, Idiot Nation.