Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Idiot Nation Speaks

Any hope that the elections of 2008 were a sign that America was turning the corner on stupidity, racism, bigotry, and self-centeredness were pretty much dashed with the Republican sweep last night.  I’m reading all kinds of postmortems on why the Republicans were so successful, all of which are variations on one of three themes — (1) voters always throw out the incumbents when the economy is bad regardless of party, (2) Obama was “too liberal”, or (3) Obama’s “base” didn’t turn out to vote because Obama was “too conservative”.  And of course there is one other theory, one that can never be spoken aloud because we are certainly not a racist, bigoted country — and that is that much of the vote, particularly that of the so-called Tea Baggers, was in fact a direct result of the racism and bigotry that is still so rampant in so many parts of this country.

No doubt all these theories apply to some segment of the population.  But the bottom line is that it all comes down to plain old stupidity.  The problems we have with the economy and America’s general overall decline are a direct result of 30 years of Republican leadership, although up until the Bush administration this certainly was not that obvious, particularly after the eight best years this country has ever seen during the Clinton presidency.  But then we had the total, unmitigated disaster that was George Bush from 2000 to 2008.  All the little subtleties of Reaganomics and neoconservatism that had been eating away at this country unnoticed for twenty years all of a sudden got exposed for exactly what they were — a disastrous plan to turn this country in to a banana republic ruled by the super-rich and mega corporations, a system of “corporate feudalism” where “we the people” had no rights whatsoever.  Two disastrous wars waged strictly for the benefit of big oil, trillion dollar giveaway tax cuts to the super rich, a steady decline in real wages for the middle class, an economy on a downward spiral, and then came the crash of the housing market and the Wall Street meltdown.  Surely after being beat on the head with example after example of what the Republican Party was doing  to this country, you would think the average American would finally see the light.

And sure enough, in 2008 there was the huge Democratic victory, with Obama in the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress.  At long last, America had turned the corner, and would soon be back on track to regaining everything that had been lost over the last twenty eight years.

But sadly, no.  Apparently the average American Idiot has a memory incapable of retaining lessons like that.  And so here we are, with a Republican majority in the House, which more than likely will result at best in nothing being done for the next two years.  Which pretty much means that the economy will continue to stagnate, the rich will continue to steal from the poor and middle class, and America will continue it’s long, slow decline towards mediocrity.

It’s just going to get uglier and uglier.  Thank you Idiot America.