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The Reality Of Obama’s First Two Years

I don’t get all the ragging on Obama over the elections.  Look at what he has to work with — 20% of this country are outright racists and bigots who can’t stand the idea that a black man is President, another 20% are Jesus freaks that have no interest in anything other than turning the country in to a theocracy, and another 10% are wealthy plutocrats who don’t give a damn about anything but tax cuts for the rich.  So right there you have half the country that’s going to oppose everything he does regardless of what it is or who it benefits.  Then of the other 50%, most of them are so ill-informed by the right-wing media they think that George Bush had nothing to do with the current deficit and recession, and that global warming is a hoax.  The problem is not Obama, it’s the American people.  Given what he has to work with, it’s amazing he has gotten anything done at all.  Yet the reality is that he has a very impressive list of accomplishments as outlined by Rolling Stone magazine here and by Rachel Maddow here.

We are, in the final analysis, one very sick society.  Progressives should be grateful for what Obama has been able to pull off so far.  And only hope and pray he can continue to do the impossible over the next two years.