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This One Is A No-Brainer, People!

There’s lots of posturing going on over extending the Bush tax-cuts for the very wealthiest Americans. The other day you had David Axlerod saying that Obama was going to give in on the issue, only to have Obama deny that just one day later. And meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is sounding adamant that she and the real Democrats will hold their ground in opposing them.

Now I understand that a lot of this is just politics as usual, and what will eventually become of the issue is anyone’s guess at this point — but for the life of me, I would love to understand why this one isn’t one of the biggest no-brainers of all time. We’re talking about tax cuts that will ONLY benefit the wealthiest 2% of the population. And given that taxes are a zero-sum game (the money has to come from somewhere, so when one group of people pay less another group of people will by definition have to pay more), that means that 98% of the population is going to be financially hurt by extending these cuts. And add to that the fact that these cuts will add $700 billion to the national deficit at a time when the deficit is supposedly the number one concern of all Americans these days, the issue becomes even more straight forward. 98% of Americans will be hurt by extending these cuts, 2% will benefit. It’s that simple. Why doesn’t someone stand up and point this out to Mr. and Mrs. Average American? How can this seriously even be an issue?