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The Great Disconnect

There’s a huge disconnect between what ails this country right now, what the media seems to be concentrating on, and how the average American is reacting to all of it. Here’s a CBS poll indicating that a whopping 56% of Americans rank the “economy and jobs” as the number one problem that the new Congress should “concentrate on first”. Health care was second at 14%, and the budget deficit/national debt was third at a meager 4%. If that’s truly what concerns the average citizen, then why on earth did the Republican party just win a landslide election campaigning on anything BUT the economy and jobs? If the American people “get it”, that jobs are the number one problem right now, why do they go out and vote for Republicans who not only do not have any kind of plan to deal with jobs and the economy, but who are outright opposed to every plan that the Obama administration comes up with that would help the economy? First they opposed any and all efforts at helping the economy through fiscal policy by watering down all the various financial stimulus packages so that they were pretty much guaranteed not to work. And now they are opposing any use of monetary policy to help the economy. The main theme of the Republican Party right now is that 10% unemployment is quite OK by them, and they will do anything in their power to keep it that way, and if at all possible, even make it worse.

Why are Americans not outraged at this? Why did they just go to the polls and elect so many of these politicians who are so adamantly opposed to doing anything about what the people consider to be the number one problem by a long shot? Is this just another case of Idiot Nation, or is the system so broken that the will of the people has become totally irrelevant, and the rich and the big corporations have their way regardless of what is good for most Americans? Either way, we’re doomed, aren’t we?