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The Republican War On The Middle Class

With the Senate refusing to kill off the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans, I wonder if maybe it’s time for the Democrats to draw a line in the sand with the Republicans and just refuse to extend any of the tax cuts?   How can a country that calls itself a democracy pass legislation that benefits 2% of the population and hurts 98%?  Particularly in bad economic times like we are currently in?  The answer of course is that this is not a democracy, it’s a plutocracy.  Only most Americans apparently don’t realize it quite yet.  So maybe the solution is that we as a country need to hit rock bottom before we realize that something must be done.  With Friday’s economic news that the unemployment rate is continuing to go up, and with the Republican Party stating that it’s Number One goal for the next two years is to make sure Obama does not get re-elected, it’s clear that the economic situation is just going to continue to get worse and worse with no end in sight.

So if the Democratic Party really represents “we the people”, why not declare outright war with the Republican/Plutocratic party?  What this country needs now more than anything else is one huge stimulus package, and that should be paid for by those folks who have benefited the most from the last 30 years of Reaganomics, the wealthiest 2%.  That makes so much sense it’s embarrassing that it even has to be pointed out to people.  So draw a line in the sand.  You are either with us or against us, no more compromising.  Either you let the Bush tax cuts for the uber-rich expire and use that money for things that will help the economy, or you do nothing and let the country fall further in to the abyss.  Make it 100% clear that the Democrats are the party of 98% of Americans, and the Republicans represent only the wealthiest of the wealthy.