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Moral Bankruptcy

John Stewart rips the Republican Party on it’s blocking the 9/11 Health Bill as only John Stewart can:

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The more I think about this despicable act, the more I think it really highlights the problems that we as a country face with the Republican Party. Much of what these people oppose is based on ignorance of facts — climate change legislation being a good example of that. And then there’s a lot of issues that they apparently are just too plain stupid to comprehend — tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% being a prime example of that. But in these cases, at least one can hope that these people could be informed of the facts and educated about things like simple economics and thus perhaps some of them could be convinced that what the Republican Party is selling them is not only total bullshit, but that it also is making their lives and the lives of their children far worse. Granted that the current mainstream media makes it very difficult to disseminate facts and educate people, but at least in theory it’s possible.

But this case of the 9/11 responders health bill is not about ignorance of facts or stupidity — everyone knows exactly what happened on 9/11 with the first responders, and their need for proper health care is such a no-brainer that any sentient human being can figure that one out. No, this one is all about principles and morals. Passing this legislation is simply the “right thing to do”, period. That is, assuming you have even any morals at all. And there you have the real problem — the Republican party is in fact morally bankrupt.

So how do you deal with that problem? How do you teach moral lessons to people who have no morals? Just listen to these Republicans who are trying to defend their opposition to this bill. They are scum, they are sociopaths, they are beyond help. And what does that say for a society that just overwhelmingly voted for these immoral bastards?

The problem this country faces today is not with left vs. right or liberals vs. conservatives. It’s with the huge portion of the population that has no principles, has no moral values, and who continue to elect these Republican scumbags.