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Repudiation Of The Bush Doctrine

Every time you think the Republicans and the right-wingers in this country have reached the absolute apex of stupidity, along comes something like the current Egyptian crisis, and lo and behold they once again out-do themselves.  To listen to these lunatics ranting about how this Egyptian “revolution” is a direct result of the so-called Bush Doctrine is incredible.  Bush’s philosophy on bringing democracy to the Mid East was to invade countries unilaterally and without any provocation or justification at all, kill tens of thousands of innocent people, destroy entire cities leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and refugees in their own country, and lay waste to all the infrastructure and so insure that the vast majority of the people will continue to suffer for many years to come.  How in the world does that even begin to compare with what is currently happening in Egypt?  You have to be seriously demented to see any similarities at all.

In fact, what is happening right now in Egypt and Tunisia and other countries in the Middle East is a 100% repudiation of the Bush Doctrine.  You stay out of the internal affairs of other countries and let things take their natural course and autocratic regimes will eventually be overthrown by people yearning for democracy.  Indeed, if we had left well enough alone in Iraq, they could well be now following the same pattern we are seeing in Egypt.

Of course, the real absurdity of the Bush Doctrine was that it had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with spreading democracy.  And the Egyptian situation just highlights that fact.  The real reasons we invaded Iraq are because (a) that’s where the oil is and (b) the then current leader of the country was not cooperating with American interests and Big Oil.  Contrast that to Egypt’s Mubarak, who was just as much a “dictator” as Saddam Hussein was, but with the one major difference being that Mubarak was friendly to the U.S. and supported American interests in the area.  Thus the lack of democracy in Egypt was of no concern.  The Bush Doctrine was all about American hegemony and Big Oil, whereas what’s going on in Egypt is all about democracy.  The two are diametrically opposed to each other.