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The Abortion Issue And Hypocrisy

One of the few issues that the right-wing is so rabid about for which I can actually comprehend their position is the anti-abortion issue.  At what point a fetus actually becomes a human being, and thus abortion becomes “murder”, is an issue for which there is no clear answer, nor will they ever be.  And complicating the issue is the obvious fact that the fetus is physically dependent on the mother, and thus the abortion issue is one that affects the mother directly, as the fetus is indeed a part of her, not a separate distinct entity regardless of whether or not you define it as a human being.  So it’s a very complicated issue with no absolute right or wrong answers.  That’s why so many people prefer the “pro choice” alternative — ultimately, it should be up to the family involved, and most of all, up to the mother to make the decision.  With no right or wrong answers, this is something that can not be dictated by law.  At least that’s where I net out.

But as I said, I can at least understand the anti-abortion position, even if I don’t agree with it.  But — and this is one HUGE BUT — if you are “pro life”, then you sure as hell better be “pro all life”, not just “pro fetus life”.  You better be extremely progressive/liberal on such issues as help for single mothers, for kids growing up in hunger, for the homeless, for the disabled.  You better be for major health care reform that would guarantee all “living human beings” the medical care they need, i.e. universal care.  You better be anti-war and you better be rabidly against what we have done in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Obviously, you better be strongly opposed to capital punishment.  And I could go on and on.  If you are “pro life”, you can’t just be “pro fetus life”, you have to be “pro life” in all your other beliefs.  Which by definition means being very liberal, very progressive.

And that’s where I really have an issue with many in the anti-abortion movement.  How many of them oppose abortion, but then turn around and oppose any government programs that help that child after it is born?  Seems to me the vast majority of these “pro lifers” really don’t have much compassion for human beings after they are born, but only care about them before birth.  And that’s total hypocrisy.