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The Great Disconnect

As much as I like to rag on about “Idiot Nation”, here’s an interesting poll that suggests maybe the average American does indeed “get it”.  Specifically, as Rachel Maddow highlighted on her show, Americans support the following policies by a huge margin:

MSNBC-Wall St. Journal Poll

Now of course conservatives will counter that the “real poll”, the only one that counts, was the one that took place in November in the elections, and they certainly have a valid point. But how does this major disconnect come about, when you vote for politicians who end up doing exactly the opposite of what you want done? How can you on the one hand show a clear understanding of what needs to be done on the basic issues, and then turn around and elect a bunch of representatives that support policies that are the polar opposite of what you would like to see done? Sadly, we’re right back to the “Idiot Nation” explanation.

This is all so painfully simple, it’s embarrassing to see how few Americans get it. When Bill Clinton and the Democrats were in charge, taxes on the wealthiest Americans were raised, no foreign countries were invaded, and at least there was a modicum of government regulation of business. And what followed was the strongest period of economic growth the country has ever seen.  To say nothing of a balanced federal budget.  Then when George Bush and the Republicans took over, taxes were slashed for the wealthiest Americans, two major wars were instigated, and business was allowed to pillage and plunder without any oversight at all. What followed was a steadily declining economy, and ultimately the second worst recession/depression in the history of the country, along with record deficits and a soaring national debt.  Now it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the cause-and-effect here, but alas, it does seem to go over the head of the average American.