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Deja Vu All Over Again

So here we go yet again, getting involved in yet another civil war that we not only have no business interfering with, but for which there can not possibly be any good come of it.  Sheez, when will we ever learn?  Afghanistan was Viet Nam all over again, Iraq was Afghanistan all over again, and now Libya is Iraq all over again.  As I’ve noted before, all these interventions are doomed to failure from the start, as their societies are so different from ours, from their religion to their values, their ethics and morals, their history, their traditions.  Even with the best of intentions our intervention just is not going to work.  But of course our real intentions have very little to do with “spreading democracy and freedom”.  What bullshit — this is all about the oil, always has been, always will be.  To argue otherwise you’d have to be a total moron.

I guess the one hope here with the Libyan situation is that it’s now Barack Obama calling the shots, rather than the village idiot George Bush and his evil, bloodthirsty sidekick Dick Cheney.  It’s certainly disheartening that even a kind-of-liberal like Obama could get sucked in to something like this — but to be fair, the jury is still out.  To his credit, he made sure this was a NATO operation, so this is in fact a true coalition of western countries, and not the unilateral invasion that Afghanistan and Iraq were.  But whether this will turn out any different than the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan, I am more than a little skeptical.