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2012 Is Still A Looooong Way Off

This from Paul Krugman:

“It’s now starting to look like a real possibility that we will have had three electoral waves in a row – a Democratic sweep in 2006-2008, a Republican countersweep in 2010, and a countercountersweep in 2012 as voters realize that the GOP is the same as it always was, only more so.”

I wish I were that optimistic. Yes, the Republican “Kill Medicare” campaign seems to be backfiring on them right now, but sheez, the national conventions are well over a year away, and the election itself is not for another 18 months. The American people have the attention span of a four-year old — what’s happening today will be totally irrelevant come November of 2012.

I would argue that the wild swings in the elections that Krugman cites are actually evidence that Americans as a whole are totally clueless when they go to the polls. If there were any kind of consistent political philosophy amongst most people, be it conservative or liberal, you’d see that reflected in the elections. But instead we go from the extreme right-wing corporate fascism of Bush-Cheney to a moderate somewhat left-leaning Barack Obama to the hate-mongering tea bagger sociopaths that are controlling the current Congress. The only possible explanation for these last three elections is that the average American is a total idiot, and is totally clueless when it comes to knowing what’s best for them and best for society. As I’ve said before, a country that elected the Worst President Ever not once, but twice, is pretty much proof positive that it is indeed Idiot Nation. And Idiot Nation is totally unpredictable, which should scare the sh*t out of any rational American.