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Who Rules Your World

New York Times headline: Obama Seeks to Win Back Wall St. Cash

This pretty much tells you in a nutshell what is wrong with this country — the very fat cats who took this country to the brink of disaster, who cheated and swindled every last dime possible out of the average American, who rewarded themselves for nearly bankrupting the country by giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses and raises, who don’t give a shit about anyone and anything outside their little club of billionaires — these are the people that Obama has to cater to in order to win re-election.  This is the way democracy works in the good old USofA?  If you want any chance of getting elected, you have to bow down to the wealthy elites who have been waging class warfare against the poor and middle class for thirty years?  If you are an American and think you live in a democracy, you are one f*cking idiot.