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We The People Are The Real Losers In Weinergate

So Anthony Weiner has resigned.  This is pretty sad because he really broke no laws, nor did he hurt anyone (unlike many of the other scandals of late involving politicians).  Now you may or may not find his behavior offensive, but the reality is that millions of Americans engage in this same type of thing on a regular basis.  And whatever you think of it, there’s absolutely no denying that this was his own personal business which had no business being made public.  Shame on the media for letting this whole affair get beyond the tabloids.

But what is even sadder and what is the real tragedy here is that We The People have lost one of the few voices we have in Congress.  You would think that in a country that fancies itself a “democracy” and which has a population of 300 million and a Congress of 535 men and women, there would be many, many politicians that worked for the common good and stood up for the average American, and so losing just one true small “d” democrat would not be that big of a deal.  But alas, that’s not the case — you can count on one hand the number of people in Congress today who truly represent the “demo” in “democracy”, the “people”.  Unlike the vast majority of congressional representatives, Weiner consistently fought for the rights of the middle class and opposed the wealthy and the corporations who are working so hard to turn this country into a banana republic.  And for that reason he will be a huge, huge loss.