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Time To Stop Playing Nice

With the latest dismal news on unemployment going up and job creation at a standstill, you have to really start wondering just how much longer Obama is going to play “nice” with the Republican douche bags that are set on destroying the economy.  Exactly what this country DOES NOT need right now is significant cut-backs to government spending — in fact, it’s painfully obvious that the private sector is going to do absolutely nothing to help turn the economy around, and until the government jumps in with some huge stimulus packages, the economy is going to continue to drift.  Isn’t it time for the Obama administration to start calling out these so-called “deficit hawks” for being the idiots that they are?  If you really think the deficit is a major short-term issue (and it’s NOT), then raise taxes immediately on the upper class.  It will solve the short-term deficit problem, it won’t hurt the vast majority of Americans, and the government can use part of that revenue to jump-start the economy.  Long-term, the deficit problem will then take care of itself, as a growing economy means more people employed (and thus paying taxes), and more people with more money to spend (which means more tax revenue).  Hell, a huge reason the deficit is a problem right now is precisely because the economy sucks.  You fix the economy, the deficit problem goes away.  This is so brain-dead simple, it’s embarrassing watching the administration pussyfoot around the issue.  It’s past time to tell the friggin’ Republicans to go to hell.