Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Bill Maher Gets It

Bill Maher says what I’ve been saying for a long, long time:

Every election roughly half the population votes Democrat, and the other half votes Republican.  Now I understand why the Republicans get 1% of the vote, the richest 1%.  That other 49% someone will have to  explain to me.  The facts about what the Republicans have done to the middle class are beyond reasonable doubt.  And yet their base refuses to see it.  The monied elite in America are dragging a bag filled with your future down the steps and your reaction is “Hold on there, that looks heavy.  Let me give you a hand getting it in to your trunk”.

Yes, Republican base, it is pathetically clear who is killing the middle class, but you keep letting them get away with murder.

A hundred years from now historians are going to look back at this period in American history and try to figure out how what was once a thriving democracy disappeared and was replaced by a system of corporate feudalism. It makes no sense at all, and yet it’s happening before our very eyes.