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Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

Interesting perspective from Matt Taibbi:

For more than a decade now they (the Democratic Party) have been clinging to the idea that the path to electoral success is social liberalism plus laissez-faire economics – in other words, get Wall Street and corporate America to fund your campaigns, and get minorities, pro-choice and gay marriage activists (who will always frightened into loyalty by the Tea Party/Christian loonies on the other side) to march at your rallies and vote every November.

This, of course, is what the Republican Party has been doing for over 40 years, beginning with the so-called “Southern strategy” used by Richard Nixon where they would cater to Southern racists in order to win nationwide elections.  It didn’t matter what other policies the party was advocating for, as long as it was clear that the Republican candidate supported outright racism, that’s the candidate that these folks would vote for.  Over the years, the Republican party has expanded the strategy to include other right-wing groups such as religious extremists, pro-lifers, anti-gays, etc.  But ultimately it was the wealthy and the big corporations that were running the party, and all they were doing was paying lip service to these “social conservatives”.  The strategy was to cater to these various groups, and then when elected, do nothing but pass tax cuts for the wealthy and do away with all regulation of business.

If Taibbi is correct, then all the Democratic Party is doing is copying the Republican strategy, only appealing to “social liberals” in order to get elected, and then once elected, implement the exact same policies that the Republicans do in order to make the rich richer and corporations more powerful.  So in the end, it really doesn’t matter if the party in power is the Democratic or Republican Party — either way our Galtian overlords win, the middle class suffers, and the U.S. continues down the road to becoming a banana republic.

The obvious solution and possibly only hope left for democracy in the U.S. is publicly funded elections, where neither party can be bought off by Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, et al.  But that option, alas, is not even being discussed.