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When Will The Media Pull Their Heads Out Of Their Asses?

This is a pretty amazing editorial by one of the more popular columnists for one of the more popular news sources in the U.S.  The unemployment rate has been 8.5% or higher for over two years, and it’s just now occurring to him that this is a problem, that this is just not right?  Poll after poll indicates that for the vast majority of Americans unemployment is by far and away THE BIGGEST problem facing the country, and yet you would never know it if you get all your news from mainstream media outlets.  All we’ve heard about for the last several months was that the biggest problem was the deficit (it’s NOT), with little to no attention addressed to the unemployment situation.  We’ve had a Republican Party that has steadfastly opposed any and all attempts to create jobs, and the media has sat idly by letting them get away with it.  Liberal media, my ass.

The fact that 16% of the work force is either unemployed or underemployed with no hope in sight of things getting better is 100% the responsibility of the Republican obstructionists in Congress.  That should be the headline news for every media outlet every day, and the lead story on every nightly newscast.  If you care about the economy, if you care about unemployment, if you care about the future of this country, then the Republican Party is your enemy.  It doesn’t matter who they nominate for President — none of their candidates even take the unemployment situation seriously.  And it’s the job of the media to point this out.  As the old saw goes, if you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem.  And the media right now are most definitely a big part of the problem.