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Making George Bush Look Good

There seem to be a lot of progressive writers (Kevin Drum being just one example) who are dismissing Rick Perry’s chances of getting the Republican nomination and then defeating Obama in 2012.  My response is where in the world have you been over the last ten years?  Did George Bush’s getting elected not once, but twice, not set the standard so low that you can’t possibly dismiss any right-wing Republican?  After eight of the most disastrous years in the history of this country (name just one good thing that happened during the Bush years, I dare you!), one would think that it would be decades before any Republican could get elected to any office.  And yet, just two short years after Bush left office we had a huge Republican landslide win across the country.  And these are all politicians that make George Bush look moderate.

These days the more mean-spirited, the more bigoted, the more greedy and self-centered you are, the more appeal you have to conservatives.  And they don’t come much more mean-spirited and greedy and self-centered than Rick Perry.  It’s almost like the Republican Party is having a race to the bottom of the barrel as far as compassion and civility are concerned.  The crazier and meaner you are, the more likely you are to get the Republican nomination.  And then who knows what will transpire in the general election?  I’ve learned never to underestimate Obama and his political skills, but if the economy continues to lag over the next year, he’s going to have one helluva time getting re-elected.