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A No-Brainer For Obama

With the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks coming up this weekend, you might think it would be a good time to reflect on lessons learned, and what’s been done to prevent such a horrific event from ever occurring again.  When 9/11 happened it was pretty obvious even then what the main causes of the terrorist attack were, but alas, so many people were shell-shocked that I guess it was understandable back then about all the confused actions that we actually took.  But now that ten years has passed, I would like to think that the reasons for 9/11 happening are painfully clear to everyone — and those top three reasons are (1) our dependence on foreign oil, (2) our dependence on foreign oil, and (3) our dependence on foreign oil.

And in these ten years, what all have we done to address those top three causes?  Why, absolutely nothing — zero, nada.  How anyone can not be utterly ashamed and flabbergasted at how we as a country have sat on our collective asses and done nothing of substance from preventing another such event escapes me.  Well, I guess while Bush/Cheney were in charge, it does make some sense, as they were incapable of doing anything right.  But now that Barack Obama has been in the White House for two years, you really have to start wondering why still nothing has been done.

Which brings us to Obama’s upcoming Congressional address on his jobs plan.  If ever there was a no-brainer solution to a problem, this is it — we need a huge, HUGE national investment in whatever it takes to cutting our dependence on oil.  We need electric/hybrid cars NOW, we need solar and wind-powered electric energy NOW, we need a completely re-built national power grid from the bottom up NOW, we need modern energy-efficient mass transit both in the major cities and with high-speed rail between cities NOW, etc., etc.  Yes, this will require a huge investment of government funds with huge government programs, but guess what?  With the unemployment rate sky high with no end in sight, such a program would solve that problem very quickly.  And with the interest rates that government is currently able to borrow at, it’s criminal to NOT be taking advantage of that situation and borrowing to invest in America’s future.

So what we have here is a win-win-win situation.  We cut our dependence on foreign oil, we give a huge and immediate jump start to the economy, and we make great strides to cleaning up the environment and starting to deal with the long-term problem of climate change.  There’s no downside to this at all — none.  It’s just win, win, and win.  Surely anyone with an ounce of common sense can see this.

Come on, Barack, let’s hear it on Thursday.  You can do it, I know you can!