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The Evil That Lurks In Rick Perry

We got a glimpse in to just how dark Rick Perry’s soul is during last Wednesday’s Republican debate when he actually bragged about how many people are executed in Texas each year.  I’ve always said that I can certainly understand how someone might be for the death penalty.  Revenge is a pretty basic human instinct, and from a very simpleton point of view it does represent some form of justice for a person rightfully convicted of murder.  But where I start to have a problem with it is when someone who calls themselves a Christian, as Perry does, is also for the death penalty.  There is absolutely no way you can twist anything that Jesus Christ preached in to a justification for capital punishment.  So anyone who is for the death penalty can not possibly be a Christian, period.  But of course most Christians, at least in the U.S. these days, are extreme hypocrites on pretty much every other social issue, so I guess you can’t be surprised at a Christian supporting the death penalty, as hypocritical as it is.  But Perry takes it even one step further — not only does he support it, he actually relishes in the idea that people are being executed and appears to take great satisfaction in seeing the state murder people who are found guilty of a capital offense.  That is as sick as it gets.