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Freedom Is Just Another Word For Sociopath

First we had the Republicans cheering for Rick Perry’s having no remorse over executing people who were mentally ill or quite possibly innocent, and now we have them cheering the idea of just letting people who can’t afford health insurance die.  Is their any end to just how sick these people are?

There’s probably no better issue than the health care issue for demonstrating just how hateful these right-wingers are.  Every year 45,000 people die in the U.S. because of lack of health insurance, and so a true single-payer national health care system would save that many lives.  Opposition to health care reform has nothing to do with “freedom”, as these people would have you believe.  If you are wealthy enough to be able to afford good health care, then a nationalized system would have no effect on you whatsoever, other than you might have to pay a few extra dollars per year in taxes.  And the facts are that long-term, a good nationalized system wouldn’t even cost the wealthy any money in taxes, but would eventually end up saving even them a ton of money by driving down costs.  But that’s a story for another day — for now, let’s just leave the bottom line as this:  These people oppose health care reform strictly because it might cost them some pocket change, and even that small amount is more important to them than saving 45,000 lives per year.  It’s that simple — that’s how much they value their own wealth versus the lives of other people.  This has nothing to do with “freedom”, they are just using “freedom” as a cover for their own greed and selfishness and reprehensible callousness for the rest of society.