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Class Warfare? Bring It On!

So the reaction of the Republicans to Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans is to accuse Obama of waging “class warfare”? What a friggin’ joke! We’ve been in the middle of a class war for over 25 years now, and it’s a war that was started by the Republicans themselves, and a war that’s been pretty much one-sided as the Democrats have done little to fight back. Income disparity in this country has skyrocketed since Reagan was elected, and we now live in a society where 2/3 of Americans’ net worth is controlled by the richest 10% of the population (see here). I’d say it’s way past time for the other 90% of Americans to realize that there is in fact a war going on, and if the Republicans continue to have their way, that war will soon be over and there will be only two classes of people left in the U.S. — the super-rich and the poor.  So yeah, all you asshole Republicans, it’s class warfare, all right, and a war that you all started.  And finally it looks like the Democrats are going to start fighting back.  So suck on that.