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The Mythical Job Creators

One of the more laughable criticisms of any proposal to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans is that it would somehow hurt the so-called “job creators”, and so they would stop creating jobs, or at least create fewer jobs.  What total bullshit.  Right now these “job creators” aren’t creating any jobs at all — so creating fewer jobs is mathematically impossible.  Hell, they stopped creating jobs a long time ago, and aren’t about to start creating any new ones until the economy gets better.  That’s basic Economics 101.

Here’s a little history lesson for you.  Bill Clinton actually raised taxes on the wealthiest Americans, the heralded “job creators”, and the result was 23 million new jobs! Then George Bush came along and handed out multi-billion dollar tax cuts to the richest Americans, and what We The People got was the worst period of job creation in the history of the country!  So how in the world do you come up with this moronic idea that raising taxes is going to hurt job creation?  It’s moronic.

Bottom line is that corporations and the wealthiest Americans don’t give a fuck about job creation — all they care about is bottom line profits that flow to their balance sheets and increase their personal wealth.  They are just as likely to fire thousands of employees in order to meet that goal as hire more employees.  In fact, all things being equal, obviously they would like to hire as few people as possible, as that will minimize their costs and thus maximize their profits.  Again, basic Business Management 101.  So this whole idea that these people are “job creators” is 100% bullshit.