Let the world change you... and you can change the world

American Capitalism Is Broken

I find all this criticism of the Occupy Wall Street movement that faults them for not having a specific set of demands to be rather amusing.  How could the demand be any more clear?  Modern day capitalism is broken — it needs to be fixed or replaced with some other system that works.  Period.  What could be more clear?  You don’t believe the system is broken?  Then answer me this — how is that by far and away the richest nation in the world:

  • can’t provide full-time jobs for 25 million people?
  • has over 50 million people who lack any kind of health insurance, of which 45,000 die each year because they lack health insurance?
  • has over 43 million people living in poverty?
  • has over 16 million children who go hungry every day?

This is outrageous, and has to be fixed.  That’s the demand of these protesters.  The problem has been festering for 30 years, and is getting worse and worse.  It can’t go on any longer.  The system needs to be changed so that it works for everyone, not just the 1%.