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Romney’s Idea Of Job Creation

This story in the NYT details how Mitt Romney’s company would make huge profits by buying up companies and laying off thousands of workers, which illustrates what I’ve been preaching about for a long time.  Free market capitalism is concerned with one and only one thing — delivering a profit to business owners, period.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It has no concern whatsoever about creating jobs, providing a safe place for workers, producing safe products for consumers, maintaining a clean environment, making our society a better place for all citizens, etc.  Bottom line profit is the one and only goal, and any business will trample all over the rights of consumers, workers, and citizens in order to generate the almighty profit.  Which is exactly why you need strong government regulation of business.  Without such regulation, free market capitalism will ultimately destroy society.  And this is exactly what we’ve seen happening over the last 30 years — less and less regulation of business while American society careens towards third-world status.

Why is this so hard to understand for the average American?