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Bill O’Reilly Says He’s A Socialist!

Lawrence O’Donnell does a great job here of explaining exactly what “Socialism” is, and in the process also does a great take down of the biggest pinhead of them all, Bill O’Reilly.

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The one thing I would add, given that the 2012 elections are on the horizon, is that once you realize that there are many services such as the military, public schools, police, fire departments, etc. that are far better served by the public sector rather than by the for-profit private sector, it naturally follows that you DO NOT want a business man running the government.  A business man only knows one way of running things — generate as much bottom line profit as possible.  The goal of government services is the exact opposite — profits are irrelevant, you want to provide what’s best for the common good.   It’s all part of that “democracy” thing.

And there’s no better proof of what happens when you have business people running the government than what happened to this country for the eight years that Bush and Cheney, the “businessmen”, were in charge.  That was one long eight-year train wreck, with virtually nothing positive accomplished at all.  Which is why candidates like Mitch Romney or Herman Cain, who continually preach their “business credentials”, are so scary.