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The Plutocratic Party Exposed

Is there any better example of just how hypocritical the Republican Party is than the current fight over letting the payroll tax cut expire? This is the EXACT SAME issue as letting the Bush tax cuts expire, which they are 100% opposed to. And yet they are all for letting the payroll tax cut expire. How do you explain this? It’s so painfully simple — the Bush tax cuts affect mainly the rich, giving them literally trillions of dollars of cuts. But the payroll tax is the total opposite — it’s a huge saving (relatively speaking) for the lower and middle income groups, but it’s pocket change for anyone making $200 grand per year or more. So bottom line here is that raising taxes on the poor is quite fine by Republicans, but raising taxes on the rich is not even thinkable.

At this point how in the world can anyone still believe that the Republican Party has any interest at all in a democracy? This is plutocracy at it’s best.