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The Republican Circus

The Republican Party’s 2012 Presidential nominating process, at least so far, has been incredibly weird.  That pretty much goes without saying.  But when you think about it some, it all makes sense.  Who really runs the Republican Party?  Wall Street banks, Big Oil, and Big Pharma, along with a handful of billionaires (the one percent).  And what is the one and only thing they care about?  Taking money from the poor and the middle class and giving it to the rich.  You can’t argue otherwise — for the past 30+ years, every single major Republican initiative has been designed to shift wealth upwards.  But the problem with this strategy in a country that is at least democratic in name is that you have to convince a lot of poor and middle class voters to vote for you, and thus vote against their own economic self-interest.  And how do you do that?  You come up with social issues that you hope mean more to these people than their financial well-being — and so you get all the crazies like Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, etc.

Of course the wealthy, corporatistas that run the Republican Party want Mitch Romney in the White House.  He’s their man, who will run the government like a business, which really amounts to running the government for the sole benefit of big business.  But somehow they’ve got to get enough of these working class crazies to go along with them.  And so far, those crazies don’t seem to be co-operating.  And it’s made for a rather entertaining comedy show.