Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Lessons Unlearned

In October of 2008 the financial system was on the verge of collapsing, and here we are over three years later, and that’s still what dominates the headlines.  Absolutely nothing has been done to change things, to fix the system, to insure that it won’t happen again.  And the world wide economy continues to struggle because not only is nothing being done to fix the problem, what is being done is not only designed not to fix the problem but to make the problem worse.  And as the problem slowly gets worse, the powers that be continue along the same path.

In 2001, when Bill Clinton left office we had a booming economy, the government was actually running a surplus of over $100 billion, and the projections were that the entire national debt would be paid off by 2013.  But then along came Bush/Cheney who turned Clinton’s economic philosophy upside down, handing out billions of tax cuts to the rich, waging unfunded billion dollar wars in the Middle East, and turning a blind regulatory eye to Wall Street which ended up with the banksters absconding with billions of tax payer dollars.

You would have thought this was a very clear lesson as to what happens when you let the Republican Party run the economy.  A rational person would have figured that the Republican Party would slowly disappear from the landscape after seeing the stark reality of what happens during a Democratic administration vs. a Republican administration.  And yet just two years later, the Republicans won a landslide Congressional election, and now another year later, there seems to be a very real chance they will win the White House next year.  The lessons of just three short years ago have been totally forgotten.

But that’s just life in Idiot Nation.