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Right-Wing Media At It’s Worst

As much as I rag on how ignorant most Americans are, I do have to concede that a big part of that ignorance is probably attributable to the media in this country, who are so busy pushing their agenda that a lot of Americans never hear anything close to what resembles fact and reality.  And the other night while watching the evening news on my local CBS affiliate, I saw a great example of just how incompetent the media are these days.  The lead story was the battle in Congress over raising the payroll tax, and here’s how Dallas’ Channel 11 presented the story.  Not a single mention of the FACT that it’s the Republican Party that is voting FOR the increase in the payroll tax.  The story puts the blame on “Congress” as a whole, a major distortion of reality.  It’s the Republicans who are to blame, period.  Every single Democrat in Congress voted to keep the tax cut.  This is THE story line here — and Channel 11 totally ignored it.  Right-wing media at it’s best.

And if that weren’t bad enough, WTF was the purpose in co-anchor Karen “Airhead” Borta commenting that one of the Dallas representatives, Eddie Bernice Johnson, missed the vote?  Surely Borta knew that this vote was a formality, and the outcome was pre-determined.  Boehner would have never brought it up for a vote unless he was 110% sure of the result.  So who missed the vote and for what reasons was totally irrelevant.  It had a news value of absolute zero.  So why did Borta even bring it up?  Surely it had nothing to do with the fact that Johnson is a Democrat?  Yeah, right.  Not only is Channel 11 covering up the fact that it’s the Republicans here that are the bad guys, they are trying to intimate that it’s the Democrats who are at fault.  This is as irresponsible as journalism can get.  And yet that’s the norm in American media these days.