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Compassionate Conservative Is An Oxymoron

David Atkins makes a good point here which I don’t think gets near the attention it should.  Liberals and progressives complain about the lack of compassion that conservatives have, but if you confront a conservative on the issue, quite often the rebuttal is that conservatives give a lot of time and money to charities, thus proving that they are indeed compassionate people.  But, as Atkins points out, this model of charity for social services is a failed model.  If it worked, 15% of the population wouldn’t be living in households that are “food insecure”, 25% of children wouldn’t be living in poverty, we wouldn’t have 45,000 Americans dying every year because they don’t have access to proper health care.  If you were truly compassionate you would elect a government that would eliminate all these problems by seeing that everyone contributed their fair share to the solution.  But conservatives oppose any attempts at truly solving the problems — indeed, it’s almost as if they WANT a system that insures that a significant part of the population will be in dire straits, so that they can then have the opportunity to contribute to some charity and thus claim they are indeed compassionate, caring people.  It’s all hypocrisy — they could easily eliminate all these problems completely by just supporting the right type of government programs.  But bottom line, they really don’t care about the poor and the needy, all they care about is their egos, and of course their own greed.