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Obama – Clinton 2012 !!!

Robert Reich predicts that Obama will replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton for the 2012 election, with Biden taking over Hillary’s position as Secretary of State.  The more I think about this, the more I like it.  Now I know that HRC has continually denied that she has any interest in the VP position or a Presidential run in 2016, but that’s standard political positioning that means nothing.  The 2012 election is still light years away, but at least the way it’s shaping up right now is that it’s pretty much Obama’s to lose, particularly given the clown show that the Republican Party is these days.  The only potential gotcha is the economy, and as Reich notes, a significant part of that problem is out of our hands with the current issues in Europe and how inept they seem to be at addressing those issues.  As moronic as the average American voter is (George Bush elected not once, but twice — case closed), it’s not hard to envision just a minor blip in the economy swinging enough morons to vote for the Republican candidate to cost Obama the election.

And should that happen, that would pretty much seal the fate of this country as far as democracy and equality for all goes.  The damage done by thirty years of Reaganomics, and particularly the eight years of Bush-Cheney, is going to take a long, long time to repair.  Obama’s first four years have been pretty much dedicated to just slowing down the march towards plutocracy and corporatism.   A second Obama term would just be the beginning of re-establishing America as the great country it used to be.  But it’s going to take at least another eight years after that to actually get America back to where it was in the middle of the last century.

And that’s why the Obama-Clinton ticket is so appealing.  Not only does it possibly provide Obama with some insurance in getting re-elected, it would put Clinton in a very good position for the 2016 election.  And that one will be just as critical as this upcoming election.  There’s no way all the damage will be fixed by 2016, and to turn the country back over to a Republican White House at that point would be disastrous.  What we need is a long-term plan, and Obama-Clinton is a good start on that.