Let the world change you... and you can change the world

They Keep Getting Crazier And Crazier

Watching all the Republican candidates attack Mitch Romney for his role as the “mean, nasty, job destroyer” is hilarious!  Nothing portrays free market capitalism better than Romney’s Bain Capital.  This is what capitalism is all about — only bottom line profits matter, and firing people to accomplish that is not only expected, but is something that a good capitalist will enjoy.  For his role at Bain, the Republicans should be worshiping Romney as a hero.  He was making rich people richer, while destroying the lives of working class stiffs.  This is the Holy Grail of free market capitalism.

And yet all Romney’s challengers are blasting him for this.  Sheez, they sound not only like Democrats, but extreme left-wing Democrats!  And that’s just how bat-shit crazy the Republican Party is these days.  They have absolutely no clue at all about what they are talking.