Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Teach The Children

As Krugman points out, cutting back on government spending during bad economic times is a terrible idea.  Now I fully realize that to understand exactly why this is a bad idea does require some knowledge of macroeconomics, which most people don’t have.  But I would think just a small amount of common sense would lead you to the same conclusion — when times are bad, you look to government to help to remedy the situation, not make it worse.  Otherwise, why bother with government at all?  Why not just go back to medieval feudalism?

Of course, as I always note when it comes to matters of common sense and intelligence, we live in a country where 51% of the people voted for a second term for George Bush, and 37% would actually vote for a monster like Newt Gingrich.

Which is why Krugman’s comment that much of the government cutbacks fall on education is so foreboding.  If we as a nation are collectively so stupid today, what are we going to be like in the future as the educational system further deteriorates?  The future is indeed bleak.

George Carlin summed it all up pretty nicely many years ago: