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It’s The Economy, Stupid

If the upcoming Presidential election is going to be determined by the catch-phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”, as most pundits these days seem to think, then you would have to believe it will be a landslide for Obama. And yet most of the polls suggest that the election will be close (yeah, i know, it’s still light years away, but what the hey). So you have to ask yourself what is going through the minds of people that are going to vote Republican because of the economy. I understand that a lot of people are unhappy with Obama because the recovery is going so painfully slow, and that given the current trends we are still many years away from full recovery. But if that’s the case, what are your options? Regardless of who the Republican candidate is, their economic platform is going to be more tax cuts for the rich and less regulation of Big Business — EXACTLY what destroyed the economy in the first place! It makes no sense whatsoever to revert back to the same policies that ruined the economy. Surely anyone with the slightest bit of common sense can see this, no? So if you don’t like the way Obama has handled the economy, you really, REALLY shouldn’t like what the Republicans would do if they regained the White House. Given that there’s no real third-party option in this country, if the economy is your main concern, then there’s only two options in October — either re-elect Obama and give him another four years to get it right, or don’t vote at all.  To vote for the Republican candidate makes no sense at all.