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Plutocrats, You Have A Problem

I’ve pretty much stopped following the Republican Presidential primary race — at first it was great comedy, but the longer it goes on, the scarier it gets, and so I’ve been just ignoring it of late.  But I notice in the news this morning that out of the clear blue Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum is the latest Republican sweetheart.  When is this train wreck going to end?  Surely, Mitt Romney will be the nominee, no?  But if he is, just how is the plutocratic wing of the Republican Party going to rein in the racists, bigots, and religious extremists AKA the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party?  What will those folks do come October?  Will the Republican Super Pacs be able to flood the air waves with enough outrageous lies that they can get these sociopaths to hold their noses and vote for the plutocrat?  Everything tells me that the Republican Party is in the process of imploding, but could we as a nation be that fortunate?  It’s going to be interesting!