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Big Government – Love It Or Leave It

Matt Taibbi explains why the foreclosure deal that the government reached with the banking industry is in fact not a very good deal for “we the people”.  Here’s the money quote:

The message this sends is that if you commit crimes on a large enough scale, and have enough high-priced legal talent sitting at the negotiating table after you get caught, the government will ultimately back down, conceding the inferiority of its resources.

This is PRECISELY why “big government” is a necessity in today’s world — the government has to be as big and powerful as the biggest corporations in order to protect the interests of it’s citizens. You want small government, that’s fine and dandy — but you have to come up with some way of making sure corporations and the wealthy are just as “small”. And of course, that’s the rub. Freedom dictates that there be no limit on the size and power of big corporations, and no limit on the amount of money that the wealthiest citizens can amass. But freedom also dictates that the well being of The 99% can not be destroyed by the rich and powerful. And so that mandates a government that is just as big and strong as Big Business and The 1% are. It’s the only way democracy and equality can survive.