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What Part Of “Obey The Law” Do They Not Understand?

I’ve always been amused at the how right-wing religious extremists interpret “religious freedom”, as we’ve recently seen in the kerfuffle over contraceptive coverage by public institutions that are run by the Catholic Church.  Apparently to them, “religious freedom” is their right to choose which laws they have to obey and which laws they are free to disobey.  So if my “religion” says it’s OK to rob convenience stores at gunpoint, does that give me legal protection for robbing my neighborhood 7-Eleven whenever I’m running short of cash?  See how silly that argument is?  What part of “secular” government and “separation of church and state” do they not understand?  You live in a secular country, you obey the laws of that secular government.  Doesn’t matter what religion you are, or what your religion happens to believe.  If you want to live in a theocracy, then jump in your time machine and go back to 16th century England.