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The Train Wreck Continues On

One of the more interesting aspects of the Republican Presidential nomination campaign is that it’s giving us some insight in to how the party breaks down between it’s three different sub-parties — racists, religious extremists, and plutocrats.  Although there’s clearly a lot of overlap between those three groups — a lot of the religious zealots are also very racist, and certainly many of the plutocrats are as well.  But overall preference for one of the remaining candidates does give us a pretty good idea of where their priorities are.

Here are the latest polling results:

  • Santorum = religious extremists = 34%
  • Romney = plutocrats = 28%
  • Gingrich/Paul = racists = 27%

Now admittedly this is politics, not third grade math class, so doing simple math here has a lot of caveats — but still it’s interesting to note that all it takes here is for one group to combine forces with one of the others to gain a clear majority, and thus the nomination.  But which two groups will it be?  You would think the religious extremists and racists would make for strange bedfellows, at least on the surface.  Which leaves the plutocrats engaging with either the religious zealots or the racists.  Given that money is the only thing they really care about, I’m sure they would love to get in bed with either group.  Indeed, that’s how the plutocrats have controlled the Republican Party for the last 30 years —  playing the race card or the religious theme just enough to keep these people on board.  But now the plutocrats are stuck with a Mormon as their candidate — and so there’s no way he’s going to be accepted by the religious folks.  Which only leaves the racists to reach out to.  But alas, this group has gotten so far out of hand (look at Gingrich’s unfavorable ratings), for anyone to reach out and embrace them would be political suicide.  I mean, all the dog whistling is one thing, but to actually join forces with these scumbags is something else.

So as I’ve said before, this is going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds.  How can the Republican Party continue to survive as an unholy alliance of three such diverse and pitiful groups?