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The Republican War On Education

While the Republican War On Women is dominating the news headlines these days (and rightfully so), the Republican War On Education continues to fly very much under the radar.  Krugman has a good column on this, and I’ve mentioned it several times recently (here and here).  The Republicans are going to lose the War On Women, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.  But the War On Education they are winning, and big time.  And as far as the future of this country goes, that war is probably the most significant one.  More and more the political issues of the day require a modicum of intelligence to accurately understand — climate change, Keynesian economics, peak-oil and energy policy, Wall St. reform — and as long as the majority of Americans are too stupid to even begin to comprehend these issues, it’s too easy for the right-wing to manipulate them with lies, lies, and damned lies.  Ultimately the answer lies in an educated citizenry.  And right now we are headed in exactly the wrong direction.

Update:  Just to be clear, the reason why the War On Education is the most significant issue is because if you win the War On Education, all the other wars simply disappear.  With an educated population, there is no War On Women, no War On The Environment, etc.  Everyone is educated enough to know what the right thing to do is, and politics simply becomes the process for setting priorities and policies for how you get that right thing done.  And yes, I know, when pigs fly…….