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Right Wing Hypocrisy Marches On

It’s been interesting to watch all the hoopla over Rush Limbaugh’s latest venture in to misogyny.  Personally I think it’s great when bad things happen to bad people.  This type of karmic justice doesn’t happen nearly enough, and Limbaugh is certainly way up there in the Top 10 List Of Bad People, and so rightfully deserves anything bad happening to him.  But what is interesting is hearing all these right-wing nut jobs trying to defend Limbaugh on the basis of his right to “free speech”.  Uh, where were these folks when the Dixie Chicks got run out of the music business when they dissed George Bush?  Ah, Republican Party, thy middle name is Hypocrisy!

And then there’s the right-wing gospel of Free Markets.  Isn’t that exactly what is going on with all the advertisers jumping ship from Limbaugh’s show right now?  Why aren’t they all high-fiving each other, exclaiming how great it is to watch free markets in action?  Welcome to reality, bitches.

These are interesting times.  The Republican Party seems on the verge of imploding with a disastrous 2012 ticket of Santorum-Gingrich or whatever, and now the Rush Limbaugh show appears to be in dire straits.  Could America actually be turning a corner here, and finally starting to reject the right-wing politics of hate and bigotry?  I can dream, can’t I?