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Supreme Wing Nuts

If there were any doubt about what a joke the Supreme Court has become, their recent ruling on strip searches pretty much ended that debate.  Wow, so it is now OK for the government to strip search any citizen under pretty much any circumstances whenever they like.  And this ruling came from the conservative wing of the court!  Where is the right-wing outrage at this?  You say you don’t like big government?  Sheez, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.  If the police can force you to strip and then fondle your genitals for no particular reason at all, just how much “freedom and liberty” do you have?

And this comes less than a week after the Court was arguing that the government didn’t have the right to require citizens to purchase health care?  Are they seriously going to tell us that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, that it infringes on our personal liberties, but there’s nothing wrong with government employees sexually molesting innocent citizens?

First the U.S. House of Representatives became a total joke, and now the Supreme Court has passed them.  I dread to think what’s next.