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Our Inane Media

The national media is quite often a good reflection of what is wrong with our society, and the last couple of weeks have given us prime examples of this.  First we had Hilary Rosen’s poor choice of words when she was criticizing Ann Romney.  Anyone with an IQ higher than that of a rutabaga can listen to Rosen’s comments and understand that what she was talking about was the fact that Ann Romney knows nothing about what it’s like to have to work OUTSIDE the home while at the same time raising children — it was in no way an “attack on stay-at-home” mothers.  And regardless of how you might twist the line to suit your right-wing fancies, there’s also this little problem that Rosen doesn’t work for the White House nor does she work for the Democratic Party.  For gawd’s sake, she’s a friggin’ LOBBYIST!  She actually worked for British Petroleum during the Deepwater Horizon disaster — how un-Democratic Party can you get?  To represent her as someone who speaks for the Democratic Party is ludicrous.

Now you can hardly blame Republicans for jumping on what she said and trying to make the most of it, what with the way they are getting pummeled in the “war on women”.  But how in the world can the media fall for this?  Hello, facts and reality.  Rosen in no way disparaged stay-at-home moms, and she is in no way a spokesperson for the Democratic Party.  The whole story is a crock, so you give it two minutes on the nightly news, print the story somewhere below the fold, and that’s the end of it.  Of course what happened was just the opposite — the media never did make an attempt to explain the facts, and over a week later is still pushing this nonsense.

Then this week we had the Secret Service Columbian scandal.  The first umpteen times I read or heard this story, I convinced myself that it was just lousy reporting, that surely something happened that was a least in some way criminal, and the reporters were all just failing to convey that info in the story.  But dig as I might, I couldn’t find anything.  Best I can tell the involved agents were doing nothing illegal at all (prostitution is legal in Columbia), and they were not doing it while on-duty.  They were simply relaxing and enjoying themselves while off-duty — nothing wrong with that at all.  This one is a total non-story that should have been quickly dismissed by the media — and yet here it is, dominating the headlines, and incredibly, people are actually losing their jobs over it.

And where are the libertarians and the “freedom and liberty” Republicans?  Here you have a classic case of the government telling you what you can and can’t do in your leisure time, and they are not only fine with it, but doing their best to make political capital out of it.  If there’s a headline here, it’s the hypocrisy of the Republican Party on display yet again.

What an incompetent national media we have — but it does speak volumes about where our society is these days.